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“Do what you believe in and believe in what you do. All else is a waste of time. ”
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Becoming a Supervisee

Coaching Supervision


Are you a life, business or executive coach?

Looking for personal and professional development?

Lizard Coaching Supervision can offer professional coaching supervision for:

  • Developing reflective practice
  • Restorative support
  • Insights and increased understanding
  • New tools and models
  • Increased competence and range
  • Encouraging safe and ethical practice

Coaching Supervision works through a professional partnership to create the time and space for reflection, in service of coaching clients and the coaching profession. It reflects a personal commitment to CPD, self-improvement and professional accountability. A coaching supervisor can offer knowledge and skills over and above coaching skills, and a creative and interactive process for qualitative, restorative and developmental support for coaches.

Your coaching supervision chemistry session is an opportunity to experience coaching supervision with Evelyn.

Here’s what clients say about coaching supervision with Evelyn:

“… has helped me to explore a number of coaching issues which have led to my development and improvement as a coach.”
Cynthia, Cardiff.

“Evelyn really allowed me to see my coaching from many different angles … allowed me to see and feel how I could focus my approach and utilise my coach training in much more masterful way.”
Phil, London.

“I could really take the time to think and explore how my outlook and beliefs impacted upon my coaching style, and ultimately my clients’ experience.”
Kate, Cardiff.

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