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“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.”
Henry Kissinger
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Why Lizard?

Coaching for Your People


Is your team focused on the job in hand?

Or caught up in their own issues?

How to boost morale, employee engagement – and profits
– through Life Coaching


Since you’re reading this, you’re probably a HR Manager or MD working with a large team of people. And I’ll make a second assumption – some of your people have personal issues that can hamper their performance at work.

If that’s true, I hope you can spare two minutes. I might just have a way forward…

My name is Evelyn Thomas. I’m a Certified Life Coach with a background in the corporate world, and I’ve helped all kinds of professionals to bring more focus and clarity to their working lives.

I help people to deal with stress and find a whole new sense of purpose. And while they reap the personal rewards, their employers see a dramatic turnaround - both in attitude and performance.

That’s why I’ve started working directly with employers: if one happy, motivated person can perform at a new level, a whole motivated team could take your business to new heights.

So how does Life Coaching work?

Life Coaching is a process of understanding who you really are and discovering what it is that you most want from life. It explores your values and motives. It sets exciting goals for the future. And it unlocks your personal skills and resources to help you achieve your new aims.

People who’ve experienced Life Coaching find themselves better prepared to manage stress, rise to new challenges and focus on difficult tasks. And that translates into solid benefits for Performance Managers:

  • Low absenteeism: less casual sickness or time off due to anxiety or depression
  • Higher productivity: motivated people work faster, with more accuracy and creativity
  • Employee Engagement: aligning the goals of staff and management can lead to harmony in the workplace…and increased productivity

And there’s one more word: Commitment

Coaching often brings people to a crossroads where they’ll make some major decisions. Some will renew their commitment to you and work harder than ever. Others might take stock and decide it’s time to leave you, paving the way for a successor.

Either way, it’s a chance to get the most from each individual and build a committed team that shares the company’s vision and values.

Working together

Every company that uses a Life Coach has its own unique way of working. Some meet the cost of coaching for people in key positions. Some just recommend coaching through internal channels. Others set aside a room on site for regular sessions.

It’s really up to you – and it’s something we can discuss in more detail.

Experience Life Coaching first with a complimentary session

As a responsible manager, you’ll want to know what’s involved. What’s the process? What are the outcomes? What’s the likely benefit to the business?

And the best way for me to answer your questions is to show you first hand.

So I’ll spend 30 minutes with you – by telephone or in person – exploring an aspect of your life… just the same as I do with clients. Of course it’s only the first step of many, but it’s enough to show you who I am, how I work and what you can expect from me.

To arrange your complimentary session – or discuss coaching for members of your team –
please call me today on 0845 644 1924

Or send me your enquiry

I’m looking forward to hearing from you – then starting the transformation

Evelyn Thomas

Evelyn Thomas: Certified Life Coach (CPCC, MAC, ACC)

P.S. Most coaching takes place by telephone, so it doesn’t matter where your company is based. Right now I have coaching clients all over the world – people of various ages and backgrounds, who are committed to changing their lives.

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