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Request a Coaching Supervision chemistry session

Becoming a Supervisee


The first step is to try a chemistry session with the coach supervisor, then decide whether you want to work together. This usually takes place by telephone.

There will always be some time for contracting – so that you, as supervisee, and the supervisor get to explore the areas you want to focus on and design your way of working, giving you both the opportunity to discuss any underlying issues, assumptions and expectations.

Sessions are usually one hour long and take place at agreed times, usually by telephone.

During a session you will be asked what topic or issue you are bringing to supervision. You can expect a respectful and non-judgemental space in which you and your supervisor look at the topic together. There may be some periods of silence, allowing you time to reflect. At the end of the session you may be asked what you have learned and what commitments you will make for yourself and your work.

Charges are from £65-£150 per session for individuals, to £230 per hour for corporate work.

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